"What a great book! Journalist Lee van der Voo investigates the provenance of wild fish and the dismaying gentrification of the high seas, weaving the wonky details of politics and economics with big-hearted portraits of those who work the seas. The Fish Market is a fascinating addition to the literature of food."

―Kristin Ohlson, author of The Soil Will Save Us

"Everyone who eats seafood, is interested in the ocean, or just wants to know how our natural resources are divvied up needs to read The Fish Market... Van der Voo deftly weaves the stories of fishermen, fish mongers, and Wall Street with the orchestrated campaigns of the Charles Koch Foundation, the Walton Family Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and NOAA, and how they paid NGOs, scientists, and celebrity chefs to support their cause. You will never see seafood in the same light again."

―Kevin M. Bailey, marine scientist and author of Billion-Dollar Fish and The Western Flyer

"In The Fish Market, Lee van der Voo uses her gifts for storytelling and imbedded reporting to skillfully lay out the economic, environmental, and societal trade-offs of privatizing American commercial fishing. In a world where establishing sustainable seafood is essential, van der Voo paints a future that must balance the rights of the individual fisher with the more effective conservation practices of private enterprise. A timely page-turner of a book!"

―James McClintock, author of A Naturalist Goes Fishing